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The Draft Online

It's Fun!

Fantasy Baseball, Cash Prizes, and your spot in a twelve- team league. Are you dreaming? No way! The Draft goes online and lets you draft your team from wherever you want in search of the $2,000 Fantasy Baseball Grand Prize. This is THE fantasy baseball event of the year! Check out the dates below for information and save your spot today.

Team entries start as low as $40 and include the following:

The Draft Registration

Register by Tuesday, April 5th
Sign up online to reserve your spot in the 2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft. Enter with a few friends or sign-up an entire twelve team league.

Once signed up, be sure to read the latest player news and set your personal player rankings to get ready for your draft.

The Draft

Wednesday, March 23rd - Tuesday, April 5th
Choose when you want to draft with your buddies, or set your player rankings and let the system draft for you. YOU DECIDE!

Draft your team in an All-Star League ($40 entry fee) and compete for $100 top prize and the $2,000 Grand Prize. Or, draft your MVP League team ($200 entry fee) and you'll also play for $1,200 in league cash prizes.

Log on to the website a half hour before your scheduled draft time to find out your draft order.


Following The Draft, set your roster, chat with other teams in your league, and get your team ready for the season to start. Don't forget about deciding what you're going to do with the Grand Prize championship check.

Hot MLB Action

Follow your team online all season long! Make changes to your active roster each week, make key Free Agent bids, check your live stats and league standings and get ready for the playoffs.

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