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H2H Salary Cap

How to Play

Its Easy to play!

Using a salary cap of $100 Million, pick a team of 8 pro baseball players, a utility position and a pitching staff that you think will score the most points each week using the unique Head-2-Head scoring system. All players have been assigned a salary based on past performances and expected performance this season. You must choose 1 Catcher, 1 First Baseman, 1 Second Baseman, 1 Third Baseman, 1 Shortstop, 3 Outfielders, 1 Pitching Staff and 1 Flex Position (any position player - a second pitching staff is not allowed). Your players will earn Head2Head Fantasy Points based on their actual on-field performance. If you want a player who is not currently listed in Player Salaries, give us a call and we'll add the player with the appropriate salary.

Go Head2Head Each Week!

All entries will be placed in a 30-team league made up of six 5-team divisions for 27 weeks. During the H2H Regular Season, which runs from March 29th through September 30th, you will compete Head-2-Head each week (Wed-Tue) against a new opponent. If during the week your fantasy baseball team scores more H2H points than your opponent's team, then you post a win for that week! At the end of the H2H regular season, the top 16 teams in each league will qualify for the H2H Playoffs*.

Score Big Points!

Each week your players earn points for their actual on-field performance. Points are awarded according to the official Head2Head scoring system. For a complete breakdown of the scoring system, click the Game Details link.

All-Star Game Scoring Bonus.

We will use the batting stats for any of your players that play in the All-Star Game. However, no pitching stats will be used for the All-Gtar Game in the associated H2H period.

We'll Keep You Updated!

Each week you will review personalized reports as well as the H2H Game News. These reports are complete with a box score, updated daily, full of your team's statistics and those of your last opponent, your league and division standings, and the roster of your next Head2Head opponent. Buy the Complete Package and get Live Stats* updates while your players are on the field. Updated standings and scores can be accessed each Wednesday by using your e-mail address and password, which you have set up. Updated opponent's rosters (after trading) can also be accessed every Wednesday after trading has ended.

Making Trades!

While managing your roster, your players may get injured, suspended or fall into your doghouse. To maintain the strongest lineup possible you can make trades. Trades cost $3.00 each, however, you may purchase one of the following discounted trade packages: 10 trades for $25 (save $5), 20 trades for $40 (save $20, only $2 each), or 50 trades for $90 (save $60, only $1.80 each). Weekly trade deadlines are 10:00 PM Eastern Time (7:00 PM PT) Wednesdays by phone or by Internet. Keep in mind that players in early games on Wednesdays must be on or off your roster by the start of the game. Each Complete Package team will receive one (1) Full-Team Trade Certificate which can be redeemed by phone or via the web site prior to the applicable deadlines - this is a $25 trade value! Season Pass members get three (3) Full-Team Trade Certificates for every Complete Package team!

H2H Playoffs!

The top 16 teams* in your league will make the H2H playoffs with the top teams from other leagues. The H2H Playoffs will run concurrently with the professional team playoffs, approximately Thursday, October 4th through Thursday, November 1st. There is no Head-2-Head play and no elimination in the H2H playoffs. H2H Playoff winners, including the Grand prize winner, will be determined by most cumulative points earned during the H2H playoffs. Remember, only one pitching staff is allowed in the H2H Playoffs.

Win over $20,000 in Prizes!

Grand prize and league prizes will be awarded to the playoff qualifiers with the most cumulative points during the H2H Playoffs. Weekly and league prizes will also be awarded at the regular season's end. For additional details see official rules or click on the Game Details link at the top of this page.

High-Stakes Leagues!

Want to play for big money? Join one of our high-stakes league for $200 and you'll play for more than $4,000 in league prizes in addition to our all-league playoff prizes. Check out the fantastic league prizes on our official prize page.

* Please see official rules for details.

H2H Baseball is not affiliate with nor endorsed by Major League Baseball or any MLB team or player.