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Jonathan Isaac Injured(Orl)

Jonathan Isaac (Orl)

Jonathan Isaac (knee) intimated that his knee is feeling strong and Thursday he squatted the most weight he's done since his injury, John Denton of OrlandoMagic.com reports.

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Jonathan Isaac (knee) said Thursday in an online Q&A session with Magic season ticket holders that he'll attempt to resume playing in the 2020 postseason if he feels "110 percent" and the training staff deems him ready to go, John Denton of the team's official site reports.

Jonathan Isaac said Tuesday that he feels "fantastic" during his rehab program but is still wearing a hinged brace to protected his left knee, Josh Robbins of The Athletic reports.

Jonathan Isaac was still sporting a hinged brace over his sprained left knee last week prior to the NBA's suspension of the season, Josh Robbins of The Athletic reports.

Jonathan Isaac (Orl, #231, $7.2) is Kellie's Week 6 Lock of the Week for H2H Salary Cap Basketball.