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Fan Pick'em


Each period your roster of NHL teams will earn fantasy points for their on ice performance. You score when your pick either posts a win, a loss or scores a goal. No points are awarded for ties. We count all game goals.

Statistic Points Earned
Team Win +2
Team Loss -1
Team Goal +1 for each

We will change the team selections each period (six times) so please keep in mind that your roster of teams DOES NOT carry over from period to period. Be sure to select new teams prior to the period deadlines posted below.

Trade Schedule
Period Team Selection Window & Deadline Scoring Period
1 Until Thursday, October 8th (7PM ET) Oct 8 - Nov 4
2 October 30th (8PM ET) to November 5th (7PM ET) Nov 5 - Dec 2
3 November 27th (8PM ET) to December 3rd (7PM ET) Dec 3 - Jan 6
4 December 29th (8PM ET) to January 7th (6PM ET) Jan 7 - Feb 3
5 January 29th (8PM ET) to February 4th (6PM ET) Feb 4 - Mar 2
6 February 26th (8pm ET) to March 3rd (6PM ET) Mar 3 - Apr 6

* Each selection window starts at 8PM ET and ends at 7PM ET on the designated dates.



(cumulative scores from all periods)

  • 1st Place: $500 CASH and a personalized NHL jersey of their choice
  • Runner Up: NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 Gift Pack
    (gift cards, t-shirts, swag, etc. – a $250 value)

(total score in each of the six periods)

  • 1st Place: Two (2) Arizona Coyotes lower-level game tickets
  • 2nd and 3rd Place: NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 Hockey Fan Pick'em T-shirt

Tiebreaker - in case of a tie for any cash or Fantasy Buck$ prize, the tiebreaker system will be used from the Official Rules.

All prize awards are subject to the Official Rules.