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H2H Salary Cap

How We Stack Up

  H2H Salary Cap ESPN
Fantasy Hockey
Fantasy Hockey
Fantasy Hockey
Grand Prize $2,000 $0 $0 $0
League Prizes $400* No $0 $150
Weekly Winner Prizes $150 $0 $0 $0
Toll-Free Live Sports Agents Yes Email only Email only Email only
Fantasy Buck$ for Gear or Games Yes No No No
Entry Fee $24.95 or $14.95 Free Free $29.99

The largest grand prize, more opportunities to win, an awesome loyalty program and live customer service!

Oh yeah, you're only playing a couple thousand players versus millions on some of the other sites!

* H2H league cash prizes are $100 for the regular season league winner and $300 for the top 3 league playoff winners ($200, $75 and $25).

All representations are taken from the published 2016-2017 rules provided on each providers website on 7/17/17.