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Pit Crew Pick'em

Fun Competition

  • Compete during the 10 race playoff championship
  • Easy to play - select 1 driver from each of the 10 driver groups
  • Low package price of only $12.95 per team, includes free trades for each race
  • Set up a free buddy pool with your friends

Big Time Prizes

Top 100 win prizes!
1st Place $500
2nd $100
3rd - 5th Season Pass

Easy to Play

  • Pick the one (1) pro driver from each of the ten (10) driver groups that you think will score the most points
  • Make your picks each week and sit back to watch the action!
  • Your weekly score is based on the total points scored by each of your 10 drivers
  • Top 100 win prizes!

Entry Options

Unfortunately, due to a lack of participation, we no longer run the Pit Crew Pick'em game.

Check NASCAR.com for other great fantasy racing games.

Driver News

No driver news available.