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Pit Crew Pick'em


Each race your team earns one (+1) fantasy point for each actual Monster Energy Cup series point earned by each of your drivers.

Monster Energy Cup points: Each race is comprised of three stages, Stage 1, Stage 2, and the Final Stage. Drivers who finish in the top 10 in Stage 1 and Stage 2 earn points, from 10 points for winning the stage down to one point for 10th place. For the Final Stage, drivers earn points based on their finish position, with 40 points awarded to the winner, 35 points for second place, 34 for third, all the way down to 1 point for those 36th to 40th.

Bonus points: There are also bonus points up for grabs at each event*. Drivers receive 1 point for winning Stage 1 or Stage 2, while the race winner receives 5 bonus points. If the driver wins the race when starting from the pole, an additional twenty (+20) points are awarded to the driver.

We only count points awarded for on-track racing performance. Post-race penalty points will not be deducted from driver points. Points are awarded to the driver only, not the race car.

Head2Head Sports keeps score for you!

For example, if you have Martin Truex Jr. on your race team and he places 3rd in both Stage 1 and Stage 2, and then ends up winning the race, you score 61 fantasy points. Add the points won by each of your drivers to obtain your weekly score. Points scored carry over from week to week, and your total score is based on your total points in the 10 races.

Because the driver entry list changes each week, please keep in mind that your roster of drivers DOES NOT carry over from week to week. So be sure to select new drivers prior to the official start time each race day.

* No bonus points will be awarded for the final race of the season (Ford EcoBoost 400 on November 18th).

H2H in-game statistics and player headshots provided by Gracenote. Player News provided by Rotowire.com.


Full Season Prizes

(Cumulative Points)

H2H Fantasy Buck$ may be redeemed for other paid contest or merchandise in our catalog. Additional information about Fantasy Buck$ and how they can be used can be found here.

There are no prizes for buddy leagues.

Weekly Race Prizes

The top scoring race team each race week (period) will win 2,000 H2H Fantasy Buck$.

Tiebreaker - In the event of a tie during Pit Crew Pick'em, the respective cash prize(s) will be split evenly amongst the winners. In case of a tie for a Season Pass or H2H Fantasy Buck$, all tied entrants will receive a Season Pass or H2H Fantasy Buck$. See the official rules for tiebreaker details.

** Season Pass Members may receive 6,000 Fantasy Buck$ instead of a Head2Head Season Pass, if requested. This is only available to current Season Pass Members.

All prize awards are subject to the Official Rules.