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About Head2Head

Since 1994, Head2Head Sports has been providing the most exciting fantasy sports contests in the industry. Our success has been built on the foundation of dynamic partnerships and superb game delivery. Head2Head Sports has brought the excitement of online and live fantasy sports competitions to hundreds of thousands of players with our Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Hockey games and has paid out over $5 million in cash in prizes.

Head2Head Sports has been in the business of bringing fantasy sports to the market with highly respected media and marketing partners. Our unique ability to consistently demonstrate highly engaging game play while the value of our partner's brand is validated by our delivery of co-branded and white-labeled sites for hundreds of professional leagues, mainstream consumer brands, newspapers, radio stations, magazines and other marketing partners since 1994.

Our formula is elegant in its simplicity. Many of our competitors have created confusion with numerous complex game formats, too many games to provide meaningful payouts and a reliance on automation so that their participants can only interact with them via email. For both the Head2Head brand and our partners, we deliver the games, the payouts and the online and live support that fantasy enthusiasts demand.

To speak with one of our Head2Head Sports Agents, call 1 (888) PLAY-H2H. Or if your organization wants to experience the benefits of becoming a partner with Head2Head Sports, please call and ask for someone in our marketing department.

Below are a just a few of our current and past partner relationships.

Turner Sports

Turner Sports, the sports production and marketing arm of Turner Broadcasting, is responsible for producing sports broadcasts for cable channels TBS and TNT. Its properties include Major League Baseball games, NASCAR races, and NBA basketball games, as well as coverage of professional golf tournaments including the British Open and PGA Championship. In addition to TV broadcasts, Turner Sports manages Web sites and other digital media for NASCAR and the NBA. Turner Broadcasting is the cable TV arm of media giant Time Warner.


The digital property for NASCAR, Head2Head Sports provides the fantasy racing games and contests to highly engaged racing fans.


The digital property for the PGA Tour, Head2Head Sports provides the fantasy golf games and contests to the dedicated fans of golf.

Major League Lacrosse

MLL has been a partner since 2005 with the entry of the first fantasy game for the fast growing fan base for lacrosse.

The Buffalo News

Providing daily news for the Buffalo area since 1907. Head2Head Sports delivers the Fantasy Sports Channel with the newspaper and associated online site - Buffalo.com.

Knight Ridder

Knight Ridder is a communications company engaged primarily in newspaper and Internet Publishing. The Head2Head Sports Fantasy Sports Channel was integrated into over 30 Knight Ridder print newspapers and associated online sites.

Dallas / Fort Worth's ESPN Radio

ESPN 103.3 is one of the fastest growing media companies in the Southwest serving the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Head2Head Sports has partnered with ESPN to deliver the live, on-location football draft event, The Draft, since 2004.

Real Cities

The Real Cities Network is the Internet's largest network of local sites. Over 100 newspapers, television stations and regional online hubs have all joined Real Cities to create a national footprint deep in local content. Head2Head Sports was the exclusive Fantasy Sports Channel for Real Cities.

Head2Head Sports, The Daily Racing Form (www.DRF.com) and Statfox (www.Statfox.com) are part of Sports Information Group, LLC.