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Pro Playoff Pick'em

How to Play

The 2020 Baseball Playoff Pick'em is your opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the MLB postseason. The Baseball Playoff Pick'em is $12.95 price and begins on Tuesday, September 29th with the first game of the Wild Card Series and ends with the final out of the World Series.

Who will you Pick? You're the GM, you make the call!

First, build your team by picking one (1) player from each of the twelve (12) player groups. Each player group contains five (5) player selection boxes. Some player groups include a team pitching staff instead of an individual player.

Destination: The Fall Classic.

As your players or pitching staff selections earn fantasy points and advance in the playoffs, your total score increases. Once your player or staff is eliminated in the playoffs, they will stop accumulating points.

Bring Home the Cash.

Win the $1,000 GRAND PRIZE by having the highest points total throughout the playoffs. Other prizes will be awarded to the top scoring entries.


Win a $2,500 PERFECT ENTRY PRIZE by selecting the top scoring player or pitching staff in all 12 player groups.


Live Stats will keep you up-to-date on your score, and standings are posted daily so you can see where you rank among the best.

How to Sign Up.

The deadline for picking your team will be on Wednesday, September 30th, but as teams begin play on Tuesday, September 29th, those players will lock. All rosters will be locked on Wednesday at the official start time of the last playoff game that day (estimated to be 7 p.m. ET).

Team Package Options

COMPLETE PACKAGE – $12.95, includes:
  • LIVE STATS from Gracenote Sports
  • Up-to-date player news and injury notes from RotoWire.com
  • Premium Internet reports including Boxscores and League Standings

Sign-Up Now!


All Baseball Playoff Pick'em entrants will receive 130 H2H Fantasy Buck$ just for signing up (when paying $12.95).

H2H Playoff Pick'em is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Major League Baseball or any MLB team or player.