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College Choose'em Challenge


Each round, beginning Thursday, March 16th, your players earn points for their actual on-court performance.

Score 1 H2H point for every point, rebound, assist, steal, and blocked shot your players have in a game. Lose 1 H2H point for every turnover. In addition, receive 5 H2H points for each game that your player's team throughout the tournament (player must play).

  • Point: 1
  • Assist: 1
  • Rebound: 1
  • Steal: 1
  • Block: 1
  • Turnover: -1
  • Win: 5

For example, Drew Timme scores 13 points, grabs 6 rebounds, dishes 1 assist, blocks 1 shot, and turns the ball over 1 time and his team (Gonzaga) wins… Timme would earn 25 H2H points for that game!

To figure your team's score, just add the fantasy point totals for each of your players throughout the tournament, or better yet - watch those stats update live during the games.


H2H Fantasy Buck$ may be redeemed for other paid contest or merchandise in our catalog.

All prize awards are subject to the Official Rules.