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March Mania


It's easy… if your selection wins the game, you earn challenge points! We total your points at the end of all tournament games and the entry with the most challenge points is the winner.

Scoring System:

Participants earn challenge points for correctly picking winning teams in each round of the bracket (NOT including the "First Four" play-in games) as follows:

  • 1st Round: 1 point for each correct selection
  • 2nd Round: 2 points for each correct selection
  • 3rd Round: 4 points for each correct selection
  • 4th Round: 6 points for each correct selection
  • 5th Round: 8 points for each correct selection
  • 6th Round: 10 points for each correct selection

Example: Arizona beats Ohio State in round 2. You picked Kansas, you get 2 challenge points. Gonzaga beats Iowa in round 5. You picked Gonzaga, you receive 8 challenge points for that game.

Keep in mind that your team selections are final once the contest trade and registration deadline has passed. This is a pick-once bracket game, so your selections are locked in throughout the entire contest.

Registrations or selection changes can be made up until Thursday, March 16th at Noon ET (9 am PT).

No purchase necessary. See official rules for details.



Pick 60 or more correct selections and you'll win the $25,000 CASH BONUS!!

Tiebreaker - In the event of a tie during March Mania Challenge, all ties will be broken in the following order: 1) winner picked in final game, 2) total points for the final game, 3) most winners in round #5, 4) most winners in round #4, and so on through round #1.

Special $25,000 Bonus - Tiebreakers will not be applied to 60 or more correct game winners. In the event of a tie, the prize will be divided evenly among its winners.

H2H Fantasy Buck$ may be redeemed for other paid contest, trade packages or merchandise in our catalog.

Use of the Buddy League reports is for your own enjoyment of the game. There are no prizes associated with the Buddy Leagues.

* Correct selections refers to the number of game winners selected correctly - not total contest points.

All prize awards are subject to the Official Rules.