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Slam Dunk Pick'em


Each week (Wednesday-Tuesday), your players earn points for their actual on-court performance. If you score more points than your opponent does that week, you post a win!

Score 1 H2H point for every point, rebound, assist, steal, and blocked shot your players have in a game. Lose 1 H2H point for every turnover. In addition, receive 5 H2H points for each game that your player's team wins in a week (up to 4 wins, and player must play).

  • Point: 1
  • Assist: 1
  • Rebound: 1
  • Steal: 1
  • Block: 1
  • Turnover: -1
  • Win: 5

For example, Nikola Jokic pours in 20 points, grabs 2 rebounds, dishes 5 assists, has 1 steal and turns the ball over 2 times. His team (the Nuggets), beat the Lakers… Jokic would earn 31 H2H points for that game!

To figure your team's score each week, just add the best four games per week for each of your players.

H2H in-game statistics and player headshots provided by Gracenote Sports. Player news provided by RotoWire.com.

* There is no Head2Head competition Feb 14-20th due to the NBA All-Star break.


Weekly Winners (24 weeks)
Overall Winner (Cumulative Points)*

H2H Fantasy Buck$ may be redeemed for other paid contests or merchandise in our catalog.

Tiebreaker - Should a tie exist between two (2) or more entrants, the winner will be the entrant that has the highest score in Player Group #1. If a tie persists, the winner will be the team with the highest score in Player Group #2. Persisting tiebreakers will continue using Player Group #3, Player Group #4, and so on. If a tie continues to persist, the prize will be split evenly among the remaining entrants.

* Don't worry about missing a week or two. Your THREE lowest weekly scores will be dropped at the end of the season to determine the Overall Winner.

All prize awards are subject to the Official Rules.