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Real Competition.
Big Payouts.
Member Rewards.

Fantasy Bucks

When you play Head2HeadSM fantasy sports games, we pay you back with Fantasy Buck$. Head2Head Sports is the only fantasy sports company with a rewards system for our players. Use this program to purchase more contests, player trades or Head2Head merchandise! The more you play Head2Head fantasy sports games, the more opportunity you have to use your Fantasy Buck$!

Head2Head players earned over 200 million Fantasy Buck$ since we opened our doors!
This is over $2,500,000 in rewards provided to our players.

There are three simple ways to accumulate Fantasy Buck$:

  1. You earn ten (10) Fantasy Buck$ for every $1 you spend on fantasy games or trades
  2. You are awarded Fantasy Buck$ for each paid entry into one of our games or challenge contests such as H2H Football, March Madness, College Bowl Challenge, Masters Challenge, NFL Playoff Pick'em, etc.
  3. You can win Fantasy Buck$ based on how well you fare in each competition

Member Rewards (Effective January 11, 2018)

Fantasy Bucks Needed Reward
3,000 Head2Head Sports T-Shirt
3,000 Free Complete Package team for H2H Football, H2H Baseball or H2H Basketball
3,200 Ten (10) Prepaid Trades
4,000 Head2Head Long Sleeve Shirt
6,000 Twenty (20) Prepaid Trades
6,000 Head2Head Season Pass* Great FB$ Price!
8,000 Head2Head Hoodie or Sweatshirt

Displayed products as of January 11, 2018. Due to changing models and prices during the course of the game, H2H reserves the right to substitute for any and all merchandise prizes.

How do I redeem my Fantasy Buck$?
Fantasy Buck$ can be redeemed at any time by phone or on-line when registering or making trades. Fantasy Buck$ are updated in your account approximately every month. You may view your Fantasy Buck$ total in your "My Account" page online.

When can I redeem my Fantasy Buck$?
You can use your Fantasy Buck$ on-line or via our toll-free number when you are active in one of our games or challenges. If you aren't currently active in a game, you need to call our toll-free number to redeem your FB$. If you haven't played one of our games or contests in the last 12 months, you will need to become active by signing-up for one of our games to redeem your awards.

How often are my Fantasy Buck$ updated on the web site?
We update the Fantasy Buck$ approximately every couple of months.

Will my Fantasy Buck$ expire?
Any non-redeemed Fantasy Buck$ will expire if you have not registered for a paid Head2Head Sports game for 30 consecutive months.