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The Draft

Easy Registration

Provide us your contact information, name your team and select your entry package. Complete this one page and you are ready to play!

Play Single or Invite Your Pals

Winning in fantasy is great. Beating your friends and co-workers is even better! Prior to the start of the season, invite everyone to join in on the fun.

Pick your Players

Just like the GM of a real franchise, you must craft your team through skillful draft choices and frugal free agent bids. Make changes throughout the season to fine tune your team.

Talk some Trash

You can message other players in your league. Use league chat to show the rest you walk the talk!

Weekly Match-ups

Each week of the regular season you'll have a head-2-head match with another team in your league. Check out your complete schedule before the season starts. Come back to see how you've dominated in your league.


You'll see how you are doing against your whole league each week of the regular season and playoffs in the Standings Report.

Think you've got what it takes? Ready to compete for the $10,000 Grand Prize? Join The Draft today!

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