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Injured Player Protection Injured Player Protection

If you have a player listed on your roster who is ruled out prior to the game starting, the feature would replace that player with the next lowest ranked player.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Injury/Bye Protection feature?

A: The Injury/Bye Protection feature gives the user the ability to protect their roster from starting a player who is on Bye or is ruled out for a game after the trade deadline has passed. For example, if you subscribe to the protection feature, and have a player listed on your roster who is ruled out prior to the game starting, the feature would use a prepaid trade to replace that player with the next lowest ranked player who is not on Bye, not also injured, has not already played in an earlier game, and is not already listed on your roster.

How is the replacement player determined?

A: The replacement player is determined by using salary first, then the H2H player ID only if there is a tie with multiple players at the same salary. For example, if the player being replaced has a salary of $14.2, and there are three available players with a salary of $14.1, the system will pick the $14.1 player with the lowest H2H player ID. It will not replace players with higher salaries and will not allow a team to go over its salary cap.

If I purchase the Injury/Bye Protection feature, will it apply to all teams or only one team?

A: The injury/Bye Protection feature is linked specifically to each individual team, not to an account.

How much does the protection cost?

A: The Injury/Bye protection is $10 and includes 5 prepaid trades (a $15 value!), which are credited to your account immediately. Keep in mind that if you don't have any prepaid trades on your account, no substitution will be made and an email will be sent letting you know of the protection failure.

How do I add Injury/Bye Protection to my team if I've already signed up?

A: Just tap the "Upgrade" banner on your team's roster page and follow the steps provided. Or contact Customer Service and we'd be happy to help. Once Injury/Bye Protection has been added to your team, the Protected by Injured Player Protection icon will appear on your team's roster page to show that your lineup is now protected.

Will this cover a player if they are benched or injured during their game?

A: No it will not. A player must be ruled out before game time to be eligible for protection. And the player must be ruled out due to injury, sickness, or otherwise be unavailable to play (ex: suspended, cut from team, on paternity leave, etc.), not because of poor play or needing a day of rest.

Will this cover a player if they are the lowest salaried player at that position?

A. No it will not. The system is set up to select the next player down in salary. If there is no player available at a lower salary, no auto-substitution will be executed.

How do I disable Injury/Bye Protection?

A. Simply contact Customer Service and we would be happy to disable the Injured Player Protection service on your team for you. Just be sure to get your request in by Thursday before play begins for the week.