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Masters Challenge

General FAQ

Masters play begins NFL Week 10 and runs through Week 18
  1. What is the Masters Challenge?
    The Masters Challenge is an invitation-only football contest. It's similar to regular H2H Football play, but with a few twists. Each entrant will pick a new team of 10 players to begin play with NFL Week 10. Each team will be considered its own league (separate from your H2H football team you have today). Entrants will use the same player ID numbers and scoring system as H2H football. Each week we will post the top 100 teams in the Masters Challenge.
  2. When does the Masters Challenge begin and how do you get an invitation?
    The Masters Challenge begins with NFL Week 10 and ends with Week 18. After Week 8, the top 12 teams from each league (league rank is based on cumulative points) will receive a special invitation to create a new team to play in the Masters Challenge and will have an "M" next to their team name. If you have an "M" next to your team name, you are eligible to sign up for a Masters Challenge team.
  3. How many Masters Challenge teams can I have?
    For each H2H Salary Cap Football team that is in the top 12 in overall points per league, you may create a new Masters Challenge Team. For example: If you have 3 H2H Football teams and 2 of them are in the top 12 in their league after NFL Week 8, then you may have 2 Masters Challenge Teams. If all 3 teams were in the top 12 after Week 8, then you would be allowed to purchase 3 Masters Challenge Teams.
  4. How much is a Masters Challenge Team?
    You may register a Masters Challenge team complete with live stats for $12.95.
  5. What prizes can I win?
    In the Masters Challenge you can win 2 different ways. You can win cash for your overall points and by your win/loss record. See below for a detailed breakdown of the prizes:
    Overall Points
    • 1st place – $2,500 CASH
    • 2nd place – $500 CASH
    • 3rd place – $300 CASH
    • 4th place – $200 CASH
    • 5th - 10th place – $100 CASH
    • 11th - 50th place – 4,000 Fantasy Bucks
    • 51st - 100th place – 2,500 Fantasy Bucks
    Win/Loss Record Prizes
    • Win all 9 Masters Weekly Games – $500 CASH
    • Win 8 Weekly Games – $100 CASH
    • Win 7 Weekly Games – $50 CASH
    • Win 6 Weekly Games – 2,000 Fantasy Bucks
    • Win 5 Weekly Games – 1,000 Fantasy Bucks
    • Win 4 Weekly Games – 500 Fantasy Bucks
  6. When can I register for the Masters Challenge?
    Registration will open on Tuesday, Oct 31st and close on Sunday, November 12th at 12:30 pm ET (9:30 am PT).

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