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Touchdown Pick'em


Each week your entry earns one (+1) point for each point scored by your eight-team selections. For example, your team in Week #1 would score 202 total points if you had the following picks and points:

  • Dallas: 21
  • Buffalo: 17
  • Arizona: 29
  • Denver: 34
  • New England: 12
  • Carolina: 9
  • Chicago: 42
  • New Orleans: 38
  • Weekly Total Points: 202

Please keep in mind that your team selections do not carry over from week to week so your entry must be submitted by the weekly deadline. Note that for games that start before the weekly deadline, teams scheduled to play will lock at their official start time and will be unavailable for selection after that date.


Overall Winner

(Cumulative Points)

Weekly Winners

(Each of 18 weeks)