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Red Zone Pick'em

Tyler Allgeier (R / Atl)

Tyler Allgeier (R, Atl)

Tyler Allgeier rushed eight times for 26 yards and wasn't targeted in Sunday's 13-8 win over the Jets.

Recent Stats

Week Opp Pts Total
Season     47
9 vs Min 11 11
8 @ Ten 3 3
4 @ Jax 2 2
3 @ Det 4 4
2 vs GB 4 4

Older News

Tyler Allgeier rushed 10 times for 64 yards and wasn't targeted during the Falcons' 24-15 win over the Saints on Sunday.

Tyler Allgeier carried the ball nine times for 31 yards and caught his only target for seven yards in Sunday's 25-23 loss to the Cardinals.

Tyler Allgeier rushed the ball 12 times for 39 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's 31-28 loss to the Vikings. He added two catches for negative-nine yards.

Tyler Allgeier rushed eight times for 31 yards during Sunday's 28-23 loss to the Titans.

Tyler Allgeier rushed 21 times for 59 yards and caught all three of his targets for 53 yards in Sunday's 16-13 win over the Buccaneers.

Tyler Allgeier rushed 13 times for 51 yards and failed to haul in his only target during Sunday's 24-16 loss to the Commanders.

Tyler Allgeier rushed 17 times for 40 yards and failed to bring in his only target in the Falcons' 21-19 win over the Texans on Sunday. He also recorded a two-point conversion catch.

Tyler Allgeier carried the ball seven times for 16 yards and caught one of two targets for minus-4 yards in Sunday's 23-7 loss to the Jaguars.

Tyler Allgeier rushed seven times for 12 yards and caught two of three targets for 17 yards during Sunday's 20-6 loss versus Detroit.

Tyler Allgeier rushed 16 times for 48 yards during Sunday's 25-24 win over the Packers

Tyler Allgeier rushed 15 times for 75 yards and two touchdowns during Sunday's 24-10 win over the Panthers. He also caught all three of his targets for 19 yards.