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H2H Salary Cap

How We Stack Up

Salary Cap
Cash League
Prize League
RT Sports
CBS Fantasy Football
Gold League
Grand Prize $25,000 Nope No No No
League Prizes $400** $300 $180 $250 $200
Division Prize 1,000 Fantasy Buck$ No No No No
Free Trade Certificates Yes, 1 with Complete Package
3 with Season Pass
No No No No
Highest Single Week Score $1,000 No No No No
Weekly Winner Prizes $300 No No No No
Injured Player Protection Only $10 No No No Sorry
Toll-Free Live Sports Agents Of course Yes No way No No
Loyalty Program for Gear or Games Yes No No Nope No
Entry Fee $24.95 or $14.95 $35 $20 $30 $39.99

The LARGEST Grand Prize, more opportunities to win, an awesome loyalty program and LIVE customer service!

Oh yeah, and you're only playing with a few thousand players versus a few million on other sites!

* All representations are taken from 2023 rules definitions provided on each providers web site on Apr 27, 2023.
** See Game Details for prizes breakdown.