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Playoff Salary Cap

How to Play

Easy to play!

Using a salary cap of $100 Million, pick a team of 10 pro hockey players that you think will score the most points during each round of the NHL postseason using the unique Head-2-Head scoring system. All players have been assigned a salary based on past performances and expected performance.

All of the players listed have been assigned a salary based on past performance and expected performance this season. You must choose 2 Centers, 2 Left Wings, 2 Right Wings, 2 Defensemen, 1 Goaltender Staff and 1 Flex Position (any position player - a second goaltender staff is not allowed). Your players will earn Head2Head Fantasy Points based on their actual on-ice performance.

Go Head2Head!

Just like our regular season game, all entries will be placed in a 32-team league made up of four 8-team divisions. You'll have the option to create or join a buddy pool (2 up to 32 players) with your friends, family, or co-workers. Or, if you prefer, join a public league! There is no head-2-head play or elimination in the playoffs, so simply score more points than the other teams in your league and you will win!

Score Big Points!

Each round during the NHL postseason, your players earn points for their actual on-ice performance. Points are awarded according to the official Head2Head scoring system. For a complete breakdown of the scoring system, click the Game Details link.

Making Trades.

During the playoffs, your players may get injured, suspended, miss the next round of the playoffs, or fall into your doghouse. To maintain the strongest lineup possible you can make trades. Dump McDavid for Matthews or Rantanen for Pastrnak… You make the call! Individual trades cost $3.00 each, however, you may purchase for as low as $1.80 each with one of the following discounted trade packages: 10 trades for $25 (save $5), 20 trades for $40 (save $20) or 50 trades for $90 (save $60).

The deadline for picking your team for round #1 will be with the start of the last series of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But as teams begin play for the Stanley Cup playoffs, players whose games begin earlier will lock at their scheduled game time. All rosters will be locked with the start of the last series.

Protect Your Lineup.

Add Injured Player Protection to your fantasy team and you'll no longer have to worry about player injuries that may crop up after the trade deadline. Plus it comes with 5 FREE trades, so it's a no-brainer! If you're interested, check out the FAQ for details on how the service keeps your lineup covered.

Talk some smack!

Use league messaging to talk some smack to your opponents or buddies in your league. You'll receive a message indicator on your team account and and email alert that you've been sent a message. This is a great way to talk up your game and get to know your opponents!

Win Big Prizes.

Winners, including league and overall winners, will be determined by most cumulative points earned during the playoffs. Grand prizes and League prizes are all yours for the taking. Click Prizes for more detail.

Team Package Options

COMPLETE PACKAGE – $10, includes:
  • LIVE STATS from Gracenote Sports
  • Up-to-date player news and injury notes from RotoWire.com
  • Premium Internet daily reports including Boxscores and League Standings

All Hockey Playoff entrants will receive 100 H2H Fantasy Buck$ just for signing up (when paying $10).

H2H Playoff Hockey is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the National Hockey League or any NHL team or player.