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H2H 2006 Fantasy Baseball Champions Announced


Scottsdale, AZ - November, 3 2006 - Head2Head Sports, a leader in online and live on-location fantasy sports events, announces Jim Barner as the 2006 H2H Fantasy Baseball Winner.

Jim Barner, owner of 5K Brushback Heater, blows everyone away with a 558 point performance in the H2H Baseball Playoffs and wins the $5,000 Grand Prize. In second place is Errors Only and owner, Greg Emmanuel, who wins $1,000. Greg was hanging around the top for awhile and made a valiant effort. Casey's Uncle and owner, Eliza Zimmerman, rounds out the top three finishers with the $500 prize for third place

H2H Baseball is a salary cap fantasy game that allows players to use 10 players/team positions and a $100 million salary cap. Each week the participants play another team in a "head2head" match-up. Prizes are provided for regular season league play, playoff league ranking and overall all league standings.

Also, in the Pro Baseball Playoff Pick'em contest, John Klemy and his team, FunkyMountainFogdown win the $2,500 Grand Prize. John made key selections of eight St. Louis and Detroit players, out of the ten positions, prior to the beginning of the playoffs to win by 22 points.