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Head2Head Sports Announces 2004 Football Champions


Head2Head Sports Announces 2004 Football Champions

H2H Football and Playoff Pick'em winners declared

Scottsdale, AZ - March 1, 2005 - Head2Head Sports, a leader in online and live on-location fantasy sports events, announces their 2004 Fantasy Football Winners. Dusty McAuliffe has been presented the $25,000 grand prize and crowned the Champion of H2H Salary Cap Football. Jeff Thompson has been crowned the Football Pro Playoff Pick'em Champion and awarded the $2,500 grand prize.

In H2H Salary Cap Football, Dusty McAuliffe and his team, CC Dusters, took the lead in the third round and were able to hang on to the top spot in a hard fought Super Bowl round. Dusty was threatened by Donald Whitfield and his team, Don's Drinkers, with Don's move from 7th to 2nd place in the last week of play. Epifanio Alonso and his team, Weekend Warriors, took third place and came up just five points short in his bid for 2nd place.

Head2Head Sports also provided a Consolation Bowl for teams that didn't make the H2H Playoffs. John Mihovich, owner of Big Bellies, took the $2,500 grand prize by a slim two point margin.

In the second annual Pro Football Playoff Pick'em, Jeff Thompson took the title and the $2,500 grand prize in a close contest winning over John Scalon by only six points. Jeff demonstrated his football expertise by making perfect picks in seven out of twelve player groupings during the entire playoff season. The Playoff Pick'em returns a premium to the players that can predict the teams that will go furthest in the playoffs and the players that will have the biggest impact for those teams. All player selections are made prior to the first playoff game being played.

Head2Head Sports experienced a 12% increase in fantasy football participation in 2004. Head2Head provided a new web site experience for the players with the addition of live stats during the games and the integration of real-time player and injury news into the game experience. The Fantasy Sports market has well over 20 million players and is predicted to demonstrate double-digit growth for the next two years.

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Founded in 1994 as All Sport Entertainment Inc., Head2Head SportsSM LLC is the market leader in the development of organized Fantasy Sports. Head2Head Sports is the #1 provider of fantasy games through daily newspapers and affiliated online newspaper sites with well over 50 local market relationships. With consistent profitable growth over ten years, tens of thousands of fantasy sports subscribers and numerous successful marketing partnerships, Head2Head Sports leads the market in integrated online and live, on-location event-based fantasy sports. For more information, please visit www.head2head.com.