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Head2Head Sports Announces The Draft 2005 Champions


Head2Head Sports Announces The Draft 2005 Champions
Local Champions are Crowned

Scottsdale, AZ - January 10, 2006 - Head2Head Sports, the leader in online and live on-location fantasy sports events, announces the winners for The Draft 2005 in each local market.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth contest, Ryan Scott's Slack Jawed Yokels win the 2nd annual DFW Fantasy Football title and $10,000 Grand Prize. Ryan (789 points) narrowly held off Lynn Renfro's AxeMan (781), thanks in large part to Larry Johnson's 33 points in Week 16. Surprisingly and equally important to Mr. Scott's victory was the 15 points that the Yokels received from Roy Williams versus just 2 points scored by Axeman's normally steady Steve Smith of Carolina.

Todd Espinosa & Mark Woronchuk's Black Dragons win the 2nd annual Western New York Fantasy Football title and $10,000 Grand Prize. Mark (756 points) overtook previous leader Perry Levinson's Sharks (716), thanks to a clutch 158 point outburst in Week 16. The Black Dragons can be especially thankful to Larry Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Johnson who combined for 89 Week 16 points.

Greg Morgan's Zap FM wins the 2nd annual Wisconsin Fantasy Football title and $10,000 Grand Prize. Greg (741 points) narrowly overtook Randy and Chase Lamdin's Barbarians (725), thanks to a clutch 166 point outburst in Week 16. Zap FM rode Larry Johnson (34 points), Shaun Alexander (33), Torry Holt (32), and Anquan Boldin (23) in Week 16. Fortunately, Zap FM didn't need to rely on the QB position in which Mr. Morgan went with Joey Harrington (6 points) over his others (Jeff Garcia and Kyle Orton). Perhaps QB isn't necessarily critical to success in the Draft as Zap FM didn't draft a QB until the 8th round (86th pick - Harrington).

Eddie Lasker's EDL Express wins the 1st annual Houston Fantasy Football title. Eddie's (666 points) narrowly held off Rick Dahl's The Packers (641), thanks to a Kyle Boller's clutch 27 point performance in Week 16. The Packers fell just short after a huge Week 16 177 point outburst aided by Julius Jones (35 points), Andre Johnson (25), and the Williams duo (Ricky, 25) and Carnell (23).

Head2Head Sports experienced over a 100% increase in live fantasy football participation in 2005 with The Draft 2005.

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