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Head2Head Sports Returns to all Markets with The Draft 2005


Head2Head Sports Returns to all Markets with The Draft 2005
Largest Provider of Live, On-Location Fantasy Football Events Anticipates Significant Growth

Scottsdale, AZ - April 28, 2005 - Head2Head Sports, the leader in live, on-location fantasy sports events, announces the return of The Draft to Texas, New York and Wisconsin. Head2Head Sports will extend the strength of The Draft brand, successfully launched in 2003, and solidify its existing position as the leading provider of hometown fantasy sports contests.

The Draft 2005 will return to the professional football hotspots of Dallas, Buffalo and Milwaukee. "We continue to validate the exploding growth of the fantasy football market. It is clear there is a strong desire by the players to compete against the best players in a local or regional market", remarked Bill Reinking, Founder of Head2Head Sports. The Draft will return hundreds of players in 2005 and Head2Head will aggressively promote to new players the opportunity to compete for these local championships. Head2Head anticipates that each market will grow in excess of 100% based upon early registration activity. "We have close to 50% of our players returning from last year and it is only April. Based upon these early responses and our significant increase in planned promotional activity, we are in the process of finding larger venues" remarked Reinking.

Entry fees start at $99 per team and the events will be held in Dallas on August 27th, Buffalo on September 4th and Milwaukee on September 10th. Last year Head2Head Sports crowned a $10,000 champion in all three markets at the end of the NFL regular season. "This was a fantastic experience", commented Scott Yeskie, Dallas Champion with co-manager Dart Forst, "this is the premier fantasy football event in all of Texas and we can't wait to come back and defend our title."

The desire of players to take their online experiences into a live event championship is a logical extension of their passion for the game. "According to our trade association studies, the average fantasy football player spends over $200 each year. For our $99 entry we provide parties, the online league management, the draft boards, our well known Draft Girls and the chance to win $10,000 - this fantasy football value is untouchable", commented Bill Reinking. Head2Head Sports believes they can turn this passion into a national opportunity with events in every NFL city.

For more information on The Draft 2005, refer to the web site at www.thedraft2005.com or view a video clip of the last year's event at http://www.thedraft2005.com/images/TheDraft.wmv.