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Playoff Salary Cap

Easy Registration

Simply enter your contact information, name your team and select your entry package. Complete this one page and you are ready to play!

Play Single or Invite Your Pals

Winning in fantasy is great. Beating your friends and co-workers is even better! Prior to the start of the playoffs, invite everyone to join in on the fun.

Pick your Drivers

You're the Team Captain! Choose 6 drivers with your $100 million salary cap. Make changes throughout the playoffs to tune your team for your championship run!

Talk some Trash

You can message other players in your league. Use league chat to show the rest you walk the talk!


Use the detailed news, stats, and analysis on the top NASCAR drivers to build your winning roster and dominate your league.

Race to the Finish

Only 4 teams will remain standing at the end of the season. Nab the league championship and take a shot at the Grand Prize!

Think you've got what it takes? Ready to compete for a league championship and take home the Grand Prize? Join Playoff Salary Cap today!

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