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H2H Salary Cap

How We Stack Up

Salary Cap
Fantasy Live
Prime Fantasy
Fantasy Racing
Salary Cap Challenge
Grand Prize $2,000 $10,000 $1,000 $1,109
League Prizes $400** No No No
Division Prize 1,000
Fantasy Buck$
No Nope No
Live Race Stats Absolutely Yes No No
Free Trade Certificates Yes, 2 with Complete Package
4 with Season Pass
No No No
Highest Single Week Score $250 No No No way
Weekly Winner Prizes $50 No No $30
Toll-Free Live Sports Agents Of course It's your league,
you fix it
email only No
Loyalty Program for
Gear or Games
Yes No No No
Entry Fee Free, $14.95,
or $24.95
Free $60.00 $30.00

Great CASH prizes, more opportunities to win, an awesome loyalty program and live customer service!

Oh yeah, you're only playing a few hundred players on Head2Head versus thousands with the other sites!

Think you've got what it takes? Ready to compete for the Grand Prize? Join H2H Salary Cap today!

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* All representations are taken from 2021 rules definitions provided on each providers web site on 01/06/21.
** $100 for regular season and $300 for the playoffs.