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Head2Head Sports is an organization with a full line-up of sports fans. In addition to our management team below, we staff a number of Sports Agents to handle all of the Head2Head activity, trades and inquiries by our subscribers. And it's our dedication to excellent Customer Service that sets us apart as a leader in the Fantasy Sports industry.


Stacie Stern, General Manager
Stacie joined Head2Head Sports in 2001. As GM of Head2Head Sports, Stacie focuses on sales, marketing, partnerships, customer service operations and all day-to-day operations. Prior to joining Head2Head, Stacie was in Sales for Comcast Mid-Atlantic, and ran a locally owned golf shop in the Phoenix area.

Stacie grew up in Phoenix and stayed at home to attend Arizona State University. She grew up cheering on her beloved Phoenix Suns and bleeds Maroon and Gold for her ASU football team. As Phoenix began to acquire other professional teams, (Cardinals, Coyotes and Diamondbacks), Stacie jumped right on board and her motto is to "root, root, root for the home team". Stacie is hopeful that another championship can come to the Phoenix area.

Jon Revie, Director of Technology
Jon arrived at Head2Head Sports in 2013. but has roots of working with H2H going all the way back to 1999. He manages all of the technical solutions for Head2Head Sports, including our online web presence and entire suite of mobile apps. Before joining Head2Head, Jon led the engineering team for an internet marketing agency in the Phoenix area for over 13 years.

Although Jon grew up in the Phoenix area, he ended up attending North Dakota State University before deciding to return to Phoenix after his beloved Winnipeg Jets relocated to become the Phoenix Coyotes. Ever on the lookout for the Stanley Cup to eventually call Arizona home one day, he's also a fan of all sports teams in the Valley of the Sun, except when the NDSU Bison comes to town.